4:34pm April 16, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 44: The Little Panda Fighter

Suggested by: @Jozterra

This is going to be a really short review since I got distracted by an ant that was crawling on my laptop… Oh yeah the movie! Umm it’s about a Panda named Pancada that works on a Bar/Boxing restaurant(?) who hates fighting and dreams on becoming a ballet dancer. His boss is a Polar bear (and a former fighter) who one day came up with the idea of fighting the champion, so he disguised as a panda and now everyone thinks is Pancada. On the other hand, Pancada was training for a play and because of the whole boxing/fighting/wrestling thing, his chances of making it big are in danger.

Thoughts on the movie: It’s 100% crap! It’s a 50 minutes movie that felt like  3 hours of how awful it is. The company who made it is famous for ripping off Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movies and even if they try a little bit more to not look like a bad copy paste, you know this is a Kung-fu Panda Ripp-off. The animation looks as if they made it with Xtranormal movie maker and still, the movies made in that site are 10 times better that this! There’s a Boo Boo like bear that has a huge booger for crying out loud! The music is just 2 tracks played over and over and they’re not even good. It’s boring, confusing and just bad for your brain. (I think my brain stopped working while watching it)

Would I recommend this?: NO! That’s 50 minutes i’ll never get back and I did it for the sake of everyone so do NOT watch this!

Thumbs up or Down?: What do you think? 

Have movie suggestions for me that are NOT from the makers of Little Panda Fighter? then write them in the comments section below of tweet them to me @Punkyval


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