9:46pm May 3, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 18: What about Bob?

I’m Back! :D


Suggested by: Coldguy

"It’s Bill F%#&^% Murray!" (Zombieland awesome xD) Yes this is a Murray comedy so let’s get started. It’s about a Psychiatric patient named Bob (played by Murray) who his former psychiatrist gave up on him and left him in the hands of Dr. Leo Marvin (played by Richard Dreyfuss). Marvin is going on vacation for a month, so he give Bob his book called Baby Steps so he have something to read until he comes back. But Bob is too anxious to wait for that long, so he decided to follow the Doctor to his vacation so he can get the treatment. While there, Bob meet his family who just adores him, but the Doc just starting to hate him and little by little is making him lose his patience. What happens next? hell breaks lose, but that’s all I can say *wink*

Thoughts on the movie: This is a dark psychological thriller… not really! It’s a comedy that can also work as a twisted family movie, really fun but the ending was really ironic but well made. It reminds me a little of Beethoven (yeah the one with the dog xD) the dad is the one that’s losing control while the family just love the dog. Also I realized something that I forgot to say in the All about Steve review that now I notice that they stole it from this movie. in AAS Bullock talks with her hamster for 5 minutes while she’s getting ready for her date. In this one Bob talks with his goldfish who he takes on the road trip to find the doctor. The difference between these 2 movies is that Murray’s flick is 100x funnier and it made more sense than in the Bullock one (were this only happens in the beginning and they never mention it again) Everything about this movie is funny and fun to watch. 

Will you recommend this movie?: it’s Bill Murray! ‘nuff said (that’s a yes)

Thumbs up or Down?: Up! you crazy people!

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see ya peeps!

2:50am April 29, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 16: Brazil

awesome Poster!

Suggested by: dvdmacyoshi 

If you are expecting a movie with beautiful views of Brazil, or a movie like Australia, you are soo wrong. The first time I’ve heard of this movie was in one of the Nostalgia Critc’s videos (I think it was in the 5 things you don’t know about me, it’s on youtube somewhere) Since then, I got a curiosity of what this strange movie is about, until now. So let’s start as always of what this movie is all about. It’s set on a futuristic but dystopian New Britain were Sam Lowry a man who works at a boring job on the government and dreaming of saving a damsel in distress is assigned to work on a case were a innocent man was arrested and accidentally killed during interrogation. The error was caused by a bug in a typewriter (literally!) and instead of typing Archibald Turtle wrote Archibald Buttle. While going to give a check to the widow, he sees the woman in his dreams named Jill who we then find that she’s trying to clear out the named of the innocent man (who the government still says they never make mistakes) Sam growing a little tired of how the system works, tries to figure it out a way to help solve the mystery and at the same time be with his dream woman. 

Thoughts on the Movie: It’s an awesome Mind fuck! The visuals are amazing, they’re more of retro-futuristic style, with black and white TVs, weird phones and clothing looking like if they were taken from Hollywood Golden era. Not going to enter in the more technical stuff, but it just brilliant. The title suggest that the movie is set on Brazil, but the only thing that has it’s the song “Acuarela do Brasil” (meaning Watercolor of Brazil in portuguese) written by Ary Barroso, which is played in the movie and looks like Sam had it stuck in his head (as I have right now). It’s a sci-fi flick that will leave you thinking of how consumerism and how vanity is the only thing that can make some people happy (For example, Sam’s mom is addicted to plastic surgeries) We’re living in a society were you’re nothing without having a expensive phone or fancy clothes. This is a 1985 flick that the message will never get old (in other words, I hope that will never get a remake or I’ll get really mad). Love how dark and twisted this movie gets, it just perfect in so many ways. The ending will leave you saying “wow… damn… *sad face*”, it’s that awesome.

Will I recommend this movie: with my eyes closed yes! I want this movie on Blu-Ray!

Thumbs up or Down: while dreaming of meeting my prince charming someone whispered in my ear saying “yes… thumbs up”. in the meantime i’m flying in my Pegasus with my thumbs way up! :D

As always, leave your movie(s) suggestions in the comment section below, or just Tweet me! (@punkyval)


BONUS! Because I love you all very much, here’s Acuarela do Brasil, so you can have it stuck in your head too :D Enjoy!

1:09am April 27, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 15: Bolt


Suggested by: No one. ha!

If you don’t know already, i’m an animation junkie. So the first time I saw the trailer of this movie, got really excited but never went to see it, until now (the reason, will explain it later). What the movie is about you ask, well it’s about a dog named Bolt, who was raised on a television set as an action hero who protects his owner Penny from the evil plans of Doctor Calico. But he really thinks everything’s real, so when he thinks Penny was kidnapped, goes on a cross country journey to “rescue” her. On the way, he meets a stray cat named Mittens who teach him how to act like a normal dog and help convince himself that everything he had lived was a lie, and Rhino the Hamster who is always in a ball and is a Bolt Fan who only wants to be his sidekick. There’s also a bunch of pigeons that are just plain crazy but they’re not that important. 

Thoughts on the movie: One of the things that stop me from watching this movie at the theater was Miley Cyrus (There I said it!), I just really find her annoying and the first thing that came to my mind is that she was going to blew everything. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this movie! She was ok, didn’t ruin the movie (Phew! that was close) but I really loved Rhino the Hamster (played by Mark Walton) he’s is the comic relief of the movie, even if the whole movie is hilarious. Bolt (Played by John Travolta) is just adorable (and I can’t believe i’m saying this to Travolta) he’s just an innocent dog who thinks that he has super powers, what’s not to love? One of the producers is John Lasseter (if you don’t know who this guy is, google him) so this has Lasseter touch meaning it has to be good. 

Will I recommend this movie?: Yess! just look at Bolt’s big nose and cute eyes, I don’t even need to do my puppy eyes impression.

Thumbs up or Down: oh they’re up alright

As always, just write your movie(s) suggestions in the comment section below or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)

see ya! 

10:56pm April 25, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 14: All About Steve


Suggested By: @Mimicobb

The movie that gave Sandra Bullock a Razzie a day earlier to win an Oscar, is that’s not a must see movie I don’t know what it is. The story is about Mary Horowitz (play by Bullock) a Crossword puzzle writer for a local newspaper, who got set for a blind date by her parents (btw she still lives with them) with a camera man for a cable news channel named Steve (Played by Bradley Cooper) The date was a disaster (if you can call staying in the car for 5 minutes making out a date) he told Mary that he have to go to work on the road, so he dispatcher her quite fast. She got fired when she did a Crossword about Steve in the newspaper so she is determined to follow him across the country, were she almost got killed by a tornado and then fell on a mine shaft. That’s all I can say about it, I don’t wanna spoil all the fun! (kinda sarcastic don’t you think?)

Thoughts on the movie: Yeah she deserved that Razzie, she’s trying too hard to be funny and retarded she just get into the bizarre and stupid. She runs as if she had some kind of problems with her legs, and to make it even worse they put it in slow motion. At first I thought it was a romantic comedy, but it’s more like a true story of a special woman that is really smart and talks too much… also she’s a stalker. There was only one part that makes me laugh and it was when they were taping some some accident on a ranch and the newscaster (played by Thomas Haden Church) sees a horse lying on the floor and he thinks it’s dead and start talking about how tragic it is, then the horse gets up like nothing happened. The last 30 minutes are kinda tragic, Mary falls into a mine shaft were she finds a Deaf girl that the rescuers forgot she was there, and they died with all the wounds from the fall. Kidding! let’s just say she didn’t get the guy, for obvious reasons. Never thought that crossword puzzle makers were that bizarre, but I heard that Sudoku makers are really douches with trusting issues.

Will I recommend this movie?: No, a hundred times no!

Thumbs up or down?: got bad news for you, thumbs down

As always, if you have any movie(s) suggestions just write them in the comment section below, or just tweet me! (@Punkyval) 

See ya in 24 hours… or less! 

2:49am April 24, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 13: Biker Zombies from Detroit


Suggested by : @thedirektor 

Ladies and Gents, it’s Friday so we need a movie to remind me why the F*&^% i’m here watching this. So let’s start this… hmm, where to start, ok I got this… For some reason an “Evil force” arrives to Detroit and in some way starts hiring the worst people around, like Rapist, whores and criminals. And of course they’re bikers (yes, from Detroit), so when this “evil force” attacks this people, they become Zombies meaning this are the “coolest” zombies from Detroit. Meanwhile, A new kid arrives to town named Ken (who also rides a bike, of course), his new neighbors, who are a bunch of assholes and pervs (and you guess it, they ride bikes too!), give them a warm welcome by being themselves. Ken meets Courtney (sorry, no bike :’() and almost instantly, they fell for each other. One night Ken’s neighbors started a fight which ends in a bike chase where Ken got captured by the biker zombies and killed. Now his Girlfriend tries to search for him by calling the laziest cops ever, while the biker zombies are out there killing people and taking their heads as souvenirs.

Thoughts on the movie: First, the movie poster looks like a flick from the 80s with some reptile bikers with wigs, but believe or not this is a 2001 movie. I’ve seen some really good low budget flicks with better special effects than this one. It’s like a 18 year old tries to make a zombie movie with his friends. The story is weak, the zombies faces looked like halloween masks and the characters are just lost. For example, there’s one male cop that is always complaining because he’s tired and wants to go home while his partner is trying to investigate Ken’s disappearance. It also supposed to be funny, but it’s really sad seeing them trying too hard to make people laugh with racy jokes and cursing a lot. Thank goodness it’s only 90 minutes long! 

Will I recommend this movie: Only if you review bad horror movies (i’m looking at you Obscurus Lupa!) if not, then just go and watch Zombieland.

Thumbs up or down?: rotten thumbs down!

As always, if you have any movie(s) suggestions just write a comment below, or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)

See ya tomorrow!

11:45pm April 22, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 12: Whip it


Suggested By: @Lucky13Vintage 

Not into Sport movies, but this one looks nice so let’s see how this goes! This is about a 17 year old girl from a small town in Texas named Bliss (Played by Ellen Page) who her mother makes her participate in a bunch of Beauty Pageants without even liking it. One day on a shopping spree she sees a flyer of a Roller Derby and decided to go with her best friend named Pash (Played by Alia Shawkat) There Bliss fell in love with the hardcore game and decided to go to the tryouts. She got pick up by the team called the Scouts (and yes they dressed as Girl Scouts) the team that always arrives in second place in a 2 team competition. Can Bliss help the team of losers win the championship? You have to watch the movie to find out.

Thoughts on the movie: From a Mighty Ducks kinda movie, the movie is pretty fun to watch and really entertaining. This was Drew Barrymore’s debut as a Director and she did a really good job, also stars in the movie as a kickass Scout player who always was looking for a fight. This movie sounds like a girly movie with almost all the cast being women, but hell no, it was rough as a men sport. What I liked about this movie is that Bliss character was only looking for a place to feel good and accepted, thinking that her parents would not approved of what she was doing. But in the end she finds that she was not the only one hiding something, her parents got their dirty little secret making them as immature as Bliss. The ending is really cool, is not what you would expect for this kind of flicks. This is one movie that I really wouldn’t care to watch over a over, this can be my new “Mighty Ducks” but in my grown up version :D

Will I recommend this movie?: Chicks kicking ass on roller skates, sure I will! (Girl Power!)

Thumbs up or Down?: It’s 2 thumbs up or I’ll punch you in the face! (joking! peace a love! ^_^)

As always, leave your movie(s) suggestions in the comment section below, or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)

See ya peeps!

2:54am April 22, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 11: Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus- The DIrector’s cUT

Suggested by: Walking to Mordor

Oh boy this one is a really long flick but I’ll try to make this review as brief as possible. Another 1984 movie that is full of win (Well that year also brought a Evil geek named Valerie :D (yes that’s me xD)) and a bunch of Awards. Let’s go to the Main event! It starts with Antonio Salieri trying to cut his own throat and being transported to a lunatic Asylum, there he got a visit from a priest who wants to take his confession. Salieri then starts to tell the story of how he killed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, starting from the first time he heard of him, until his death. He confessed how much he envy him for his talent and how it turns into hate. The movie is 3 hours long so a lot happened but I won’t tell you *evil grin*

Thoughts on the Movie: This movie is amazing, from the story, to the characters, the drama and music (of course, this is the story of one of the greatest composers in history)  Tom Hulce’s Mozart was just awesome, his laugh was contagious to the point that even if the scene wasn’t funny at all, if you heard him laugh the only thing you can do is laugh too. F. Murray Abraham’s Salieri was amazing, his chemistry with Hulce was perfect, Mozart just admired Salieri as a hero and a fan but Salieri saw him like his worst nightmare but at the same time he really was his biggest fan, making this almost a love/hate relationship. The story is historically wrong in some many things, but if I start comparing the movie with what really happened, this review would be too long and boring, so i’ll leave it as that. Like I said, the movie is really long but even if my butt was numb I couldn’t stop watching. Loved the ending, especially the part were Mozart is giving Salieri orders to write his last requiem, you can hear in Mozart’s mind how every single piece came together to create a masterpiece, it really blows my mind. 

Will I recommend this movie?: Oh yess! I don’t care if your butt hurts, you’re going to see it all without even moving, ok? :P

Thumbs up or down?: Up while playing Piano Concerto in E flat, K. 482 in my mind!

As always, write your Movie(s) Suggestions in the comment section below, or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)


PS- Here’s my favorite from Mozart, Requiem- Lacrimosa. Enjoy! 

11:56pm April 20, 2010

Punky’s Daily movie experiment Day 10: The last Starfighter

Cool poster!

Suggested by: @viviniky and MikeyInsanity

Another sci-fi flick that I’ve never seen in my life until now (I’m so ashamed of myself) This one’s about Alex, a guy who lives on a trailer park with his mom and little brother, he’s the trailer park handyman and loves to play an arcade game called Starfighter. One day he beats the highest score, and that same night he got a visit from a strange man named Centauri telling him that he has to go with him. To make story short, Alex goes to space to battle on a space war making him the only one who can defend the universe. 

Thoughts on the movie: It’s a pretty cool movie with a original story and cool aliens, it’s not Star Wars but I enjoyed it a lot. For a 1984 movie, the special effects were great, it’s one of the first movies to use CGI so i’m very sure this was a hit in its time. I just got 2 complains about this movie but are small. first one, Alex needed a device to understand the aliens, which was really cool, but when one of the aliens goes to Earth at the ending, everyone looks like they understand everything he’s saying without any gadget. I guess that was a small ooops in the script but if anyone have a explanation for that let me know. The other complain is that the action sequences were a little boring, maybe it was because they were still newbies with CGI and didn’t knew how to make it more exciting. Overall, it was a fun movie and the ending was nice. I heard there’s going to be a sequel coming out this year, don’t know too much about it so feel welcome to link me to any info about it, I think I know the plot for the next one but won’t tell because I will be spoiling this movie. *wink* 

BTW, that’s a really cool movie poster! 

Will I recommend this movie?: Yeah!, especially if you’re a sci-fi fan. 

Thumbs up or Down?: Up, with explosive CGI effects! :D

You know the drill, if you have any Movie(s) suggestions, write them on the comment section below, or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)

Till Tomorrow!

5:22pm April 18, 2010

Punky’s Daily movie experiment Day 9: Kick-Ass


Suggested by: A bunch of my friends that drag me to watch it xD

I’m going to start this review saying that I didn’t knew what this movie was about, so my expectations were really low, as in expecting a Meet the Spartans kind of movie. Now I know this is from a comic book, so Fail for me for not knowing this. Anyway, for those of you who are as lost as I was then here’s what’s the movie is about: There’s this Nerd high schooler named Dave that got this idea of becoming a superhero like Batman so he can defend the citizens of New York. But by attempting of helping people, he got into really big trouble. He meets others superheroes like Big Daddy, an ex cop that trained his 11 year old girl to be his sidekick Hit Girl. Together they will try to take down a drug lord named Frank D’Amico. 

Thoughts on the movie: This is the best movie I’ve seen this year! Seriously, this has to be one of the greatest superheroes movie ever! They break every rule of the book and really kick some ass. Maybe it was because I was expecting the worst movie ever with cheesy dialogs and lame jokes, what I saw was a masterpiece of action, Comedy and violence. In the beginning, was all about the laughs, but then everything changes to a dark atmosphere that took everyone by surprise (well, at least me!) Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy was amazing, not only he kick ass as a super hero, but he made me laugh hard just by hearing him talk like William Shatner. But the star of the movie is not Cage or Christopher Mintz or even Aaron Johnson, it was Hit Girl (played by Chloe Moretz). Everyone at the theater was in shock by her Kick-Assery and her dirty mouth. Seeing a little girl being this hardcore is what makes this movie so awesome, and I know some people would be criticizing this but I think it’s genius. She is the perfect assassin. The ending was epic and it was left with an air of sequel, but there’s no way to beat this so if I were me, I leave it as it is right now, no sequel.

Will I recommend this movie?: Of course!! EVERYONE needs to watch this movie right now (remember to invite me cuz I wanna see it again xD)! 

Thumbs up of Down?: F&$*#@*& UP! 

As always, leave your Movie(s) suggestions in the comment section below, or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)

See ya tomorrow Mother F^$#@%^*! (sorry, i’m still too excited lol)

4:57pm April 17, 2010

Punky’s Daily movie experiment Day 8: The Ron Clark Story

Suggested by: @Jozterra 

This is a TNT original movie, starring Matthew Perry and a Ghostbuster (Ernie Hudson) based on a true story of a Teacher (played by Perry) that movies to New York to try to help students that really need it. As you can imagine, his classroom was a total mess, so hi mission is to get these kids on the top of the school. Oh yeah, and the name of the teacher is Ron Clark, how did I missed that? :P

Thoughts on the movie: If you’ve at least watched Dangerous Minds (yeah the movie with that cool rap by Coolio) you have seen them all. It’s a good movie with a great message about good values, respect and how to beat stereotypes, but it’s just another movie about a good teacher helping kids. Matthew Perry did a great job, he really connected with the students and it felt like he had fun doing this. It really made me wish I had a teacher like that when I was in School *sigh*. You already know what the ending is, but it was an ok ending. (Also, for the first time, I see Matthew and not think Chandler BING! *cue Janice Laugh*) 

Will I recommend this movie?: Why not, it’s really entertaining and inspirational. 

Thumbs up or down?: I give it a thumb up and a A- 

As always, write your movie(s) suggestions in the comments below, or just Tweet it! (@Punkyval)

4:10am April 16, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment Day 7: Mom and Dad Save the World

Suggested by: @Kortren 

crazy movie poster
I can’t believe this is not a cult classic, never heard of this movie until now and it was hard to find. This is a 1992 movie that can really pass as a 80s movie, for its fashion and feel to it. The title just spoil the ending completely, so I just gonna write what is all about. You got this couple named Marge (played by Teri Garr) and and Dick (Played by Jeffrey Jones) who are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary, in the meantime, a Alien called  Emperor Tod Spengo (played by Jon Lovitz) from a small planet named Spengo, wants to destroy Earth so he can be the ruler of the galaxy. But then he sees Marge on his telescope and fells in love with her. So he kidnaps their car, so he can marry her, kill her husband and destroy Earth. 
Thoughts on the Movie: This make me laugh so hard of how bad it is, but at the same time it was good (really confusing, I know) Here’s the thing; what makes this so enjoyable is the fact that the enemy knows they are dumb… i’m not kidding (and confirm it a couple of times). I think that if the Jamaican aliens from Battlefield Earth would admit how stupid and dumb they were, the movie would be better. The story is really crazy, the main characters, Marge and Dick, tried too hard to be normal that they forgot that they were on a alien planet and that they were going to lose everything. The one that made it for me was Jon Lovitz, he’s so amazingly bad as an antagonist that I pee my pants a couple of times. But to be fair it was not his fault, the script was really dumb. Overall, it was so crazy and bad, that it was enjoyable and I LOLed way more than the 40 year old Virgin.
Would I recommend this movie?: i’m so stupid that YES I would definitely will. Heck, i’ll watch it again!
Thumbs up or Down?: Thumb up *crosses eyes* 
You know the drill, if you have any movie(s) suggestions just write them in the comment section below, or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)
See ya tomorrow Earthlings! 

6:52am April 15, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment Day 6: The 40-year-old-Virgin


Suggested by: Me xD

The movie that made Steve Carrell Famous is now in my hands to be judged! I’ve seen this movie already but I wanna give it another shot just for the heck of it. Well if you don’t already know, it’s about a 40 year old guy named Andy who is a virgin. (DUUH!) ok ok… Well the guy works in a electronics store, he confessed one poker night to his co workers that he never had sex with a woman. So after they make fun of him, they decided to help him get laid.

Thoughts on the movie: It’s an ok comedy film, the only part that made me laugh out loud was when the guys took Andy for a chest hair removal… with wax. Every time I go to the beauty parlor to do my eyebrows, I hold myself to not scream like Andy did, that crap hurts a lot! Carrell did awesome acting like a innocent virgin and a geek, so I give him props for that. The thing that ruin the film for me is that it’s too long and sometimes it was boring. I think if they cut 30 minutes of filler and weak jokes, this will be a way better movie. 

Will I recommend this movie?: hmmm, not so sure 

Thumbs up or down?: Will pop your cherry with one thumb up. 

As always, leave your movie(s) suggestions in the comment below, or tweet me! (@Punkyval)

See ya! 

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