9:47pm June 2, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 30- Empire Records

movie poster

Suggested by: @Lucky13Vintage

After a weekend vacation i’m finally back and ready for action… or comedy. Let’s start with what I always do, explain the movie. It’s about a very singular store named Empire Records were the employees are basically high schoolers with issues. One day Joe the Owner, let Lucas, one of his employees, close the store. Lucas finds that the store is being sold to a generic franchise music store called Music Town. So he takes all the the day’s cash and go to Atlantic City to see if he can win more money and save the store, which he lose. The next day Joe finds that Lucas never deposit the money, but he has to put everything on hold when a has-been pop artist named Rex Manning was going to sign autographs for a publicity stunt. While the employees has their own problems like Corey a Rex Manning groupie that wants to lose her virginity to him, or Deb a suicidal girl or even a crazy shoplifter, Lucas has to figure out how to pay all the money… while being held on a sofa in the break room.

Thoughts on the movie: For a moment I thought this was a John Hughes teen movie because of the atmosphere and the drama. The characters are funny and some unpredictable. The music is frigging awesome, it’s pure 90’s and I know i’m buying the soundtrack asap. This can probably be the “breakfast club” of the 90s just for the only reason of me wanting to get into a time machine and go to that nostalgic era. This is a teen movie, don’t expect to have a serious drama with 0 cheesy and random moments. Also Renée Zellweger can really sing! Don’t know why she never made an album, I will probably buy it with eyes close. Also, Liv Tyler looks the same, I think she drank the same thing as Keanu Reeves (My theory is that they encountered Jacob and ask him to make them immortal… ok enough of Lostism *wink*) 

Will I recommend this movie?: Oh yess! if you love music and cool teen movies as much as I do, then yes.

Thumbs Up or Down?: of course they’re up! *runs into a mushpit*

You know what to do, just write your movie suggestion(s) in the comment section or tweet them to me (@Punkyval

See ya! 

2:46am May 26, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 29: Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

bad movie

Suggested by: Daffy

Don’t ask me why I watch a direct to DVD Disney Sequels, just don’t. So let’s start this “movie”. It begins with The fairy Godmother reading the Cinderella story to a bunch of mice. Jaq and Gus (the ones from the first movie… yeah those mice) arrived late, so the Fairy godmother suggest to make another book of Cinderella’s adventures after she got married. So the movie is 3 short stories narrated by the mice. The first one is about Cinderella arriving from her honeymoon (or that’s what it looks like), she is put in charge of a royal banquet so she has to learn how to be a princess and blah blah blah. The second story is about Jaq who wants to help Cinderella but thinks he’s too small for that, so the fairy Godmother turns him into a human. And the third story is about Cinderella’s stepsister Anastasia who fells in love with the town’s baker, but her Mother doesn’t approved of the relationship. The End… 

Thoughts on the movie: I had to look for info about this movie because it felt like a after school special or part of a Disney Channel show, which is not, this is the sequel to one of the most beloved Disney Princess movie. First, this is only 70 minutes long which for me it’s too short. Second, it’s stupid and boring, the only story that it was about Cinderella it’s the first one, the rest were just filler just to make it look like a real movie and not show. The only story that I really was interested in was the one about the stepsister but still it was as if a 10 year old girl wrote it (heck it was told by mice!). The animation is not the worse but it still bad. For example, there’s a part were the king accidentally got messy with chocolate pudding, the next second he’s all cleaned up! What shock me the most is that this movie was Disney’s top selling dvd animated sequel of 2002, selling more than $120 million dollars! They need to take all those DVDs and burn them, no kid need to suffer for 70 minutes. And don’t get me started on the music, thank goodness they never released the soundtrack, i’m pretty sure they were ashamed of it. 

Will I recommend this movie?: Hell no! in fact, if you have this movie, do yourself a favor and use it as a frisbee.

Thumbs Up or Down: Down for thinking that a rat infested castle was going to be a great idea. 

You know what you have to do, leave you movie suggestion(s) in the comment section, or just Tweet me (@Punkyval)

See ya tomorrow with another animation… don’t ask me which one but I hope it’s good

6:05am May 25, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 28: Spirited Away

movie poster

Suggested by: Mercury_diva, Mikey Insanity & JessicaRaineTheInsane

This has to be the most suggested movie by far, heck if I had to request one animation it has to be this one (More on that later) So let us begin our story. It’s about Chihiro a whining girl who is moving with her parents to another town. On their way to their new home, they got lost and ended up in a “abandoned theme park”. The father got curious and they all go inside to find one restaurant open. Chihiro refused to eat but her parents went ahead and started eating, so she wanders off and met a boy named Haku who warns her to escape before it’s too late. To make the story short, she went to get her parents who are now Pigs and finds herself in a Spirit town were a spirit bathhouse is her only way to go to try and find a explanation to what’s going on. With the help Haku and Kamaji the boiler master, she gets hired to work there until she finds a way to get her parents back.

Thoughts on the movie: This is one of my favorite movies of all time, so i’ve seen it a bunch of times but never dub, so to change the experience a little that’s how I watched it and I still love it. The dub is awesome but I still prefer Subs, not a fan of reading them but I’m trying to push myself to understand japanese and I think it’s kinda working. Anyway, I envy Miyazaki’s imagination to create a world that can capture you in a way that you don’t want the movie to end. The character’s growth is awesome, you can see a whining 10 year old become a mature, heroic and responsable girl who wants to make things right. No matter how many times i’ve seen it, I always find something else that I love about it. Ok i’ll stop before I start to sound all cheesy and kissing Miyazaki’s ass (ewwwww! lol)

Will I recommend this movie?: Why you’re not watching it right now?! Yes go now and watch it.:P

Thumbs up or Down?: You decide! 

As always, if you have any movie suggestion(s) leave them in the comment section, or just Tweet me (@Punkyval)

Till Tomorrow! 

2:22am May 24, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 27: Lost Series Finale *Spoiler Free*

Lost FTW!

This is going to be a different review. I know i’m kinda cheating, but let’s face it, a 2 and a half hour series finale is a movie, so I think that counts. Not going to explain what happened so this is going to be just a general review of the whole finale and a little about the show in general (in other words “thoughts on the movie” part only :P) 

First, let me tell you a little about my Lost hate then love relationship. A few years ago when I heard of Lost, I thought it was a dumb idea and I made fun of it, a lot. Still I tried like 3 times to watch it and I just hated the show. That was until last year. In one of those moments when you find that Heroes was getting reaaally lame ( then it was all good, until they cancelled it lol) and you needed something new, that’s when I found out they had all 5 seasons streaming on ABC, so I gave it a 4th try then boom! I was hooked. Now I feel bad for calling Locke “the old guy with big titties” and renaming the show as “Gilligan’s Island on crack”. Ok now let’s go of what I thought of the whole finale:

Brilliant! And I know a lot of people hated it (I mean my twitter timeline was full of “what a piece of crap!” tweets) and yeah everyone’s different but, I think some people didn’t get it (re watch it, that’s my recommendation) It was beautifully executed, that was the perfect ending. It was best that way because they want everyone to keep talking about it for years to come which I think it’s awesome. It was a beautiful happy ending (even if I cried thru the whole thing) Yeah there’s still a bunch of questions they didn’t answer and it’s great they didn’t because that the beauty of all of this, just think of one good explanation and there you go, now go and discuss it with your friends. Also Michael Giacchino (Music composer of movies like Up and The Incredibles) is one music badass! The music for the whole show is amazing but in this finale, it was astounding. The music was one of the reasons why I cried like a baby almost the whole thing.

To finish this “review”, what makes this show so powerful and what made this finale so emotional in so many levels is that none of the characters were perfect. They made a lot of mistakes (and some of them were big ones!) but in the end that is why you just have to love every single one of them, even Kate and Jack who I hated them (especially Kate). They made me laugh, angry and cry a lot, which is an achievement because this human is not a crier. (well I was tonight…) 

Will I recommend this Mov… I mean Show?: Yes, 100 times yes! Don’t wanna sound like Chester A. Bum but this is the greatest show I’ve ever seen in my life… for reals! If you’re a Sci-fi junkie like I am then do it (even if you are a Lost hater, but like I said, been there, done that) and you got one point in favor: you don’t have to wait every single week for a new episode, so do a Lost marathon. *wink*

Thumbs up or Down?: Up, yeah you got that one coming. 

If you wanna discuss this and try to change my mind of how awesome it was, you can leave a comment or Tweet me (@Punkyval) And of course send me your movie Suggestion(s) too.

Namaste! (^_^)

Also if you’re going to discuss the finale, try to be as spoiler free as possible :)

8:51pm May 22, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 26: Paprika

a banana!

Suggested by: JessicaRavenTheInsane

I think this week it’s going to be an animation week for me (well not tomorrow, I got something prepare, but you’ll know soon), So let’s start with what the movie is all about. It’s set in a near future where a group of scientist invented a new treatment of psychotherapy called DC Mini, this device can show a person’s dream on a monitor and explore their most secret thoughts. 3 prototypes are stolen and it is presume that the person want to use it in some evil way to enter people’s dreams (Freddy Krueger anyone?) So Dr. Atsuko Chiba and her team of scientist have to look for the devices before something bad happens, especially when they don’t really know what would really happend if something came wrong with those devices. Also, there’s this woman called Paprika that mysteriously helps a detective named Konakawa who is having a recurring nightmare where he sees weird images like a crowd in a circus that have his face and a scene of a crime he’s investigating. She helps him with one of the DC mini devices, how did she get one? or is she the one who stoled the prototypes? Go and watch the movie. :P 

Thoughts on the Movie: I’ve never seen a movie that can really recreate someone’s dream as this movie does. It’s a awesome mindfuck where they were some parts that I didn’t knew if it was a dream of reality. This is more than a sci-fi animation, it’s a thriller and drama mixed with a teaspoon of comedy and a cup of romance. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and believe the ending is the biggest mindfuck of them all, how can a investigation can turn so chaotic that you really don’t know whats happening. It’s hard to explain but the images this movie have can creep you out or just smile and wow yourself with all the creativity it has. The story is really complex and it was hard for me to explain it to you in a paragraph, so I only explain like half the story. The animation is awesome, the details it has are phenomenal and I really don’t have any complains about it.

Will I recommend this movie?: oh yes, just make sure your brain is ready because it’s a really crazy ride.

Thumbs up or down?: Thumbs way up with the help of a printer shaped balloon and a parade of toys and a washing machine.

You know what you have to do, kick a rock and send me your movie suggestion(s) in the comment section or tweet me! (@QueenoftheCosmos)

See you in your dreams! *evil grin*

9:43pm May 19, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 25: Princess Mononoke

an image Just for Joe! :DSuggested by: Mercury_Diva & Mikey Insanity 

The experiment continues! (even if I stop for a few days, there’s going to be 365 reviews… or more *wink*)

Today is a Studio Ghibli flick, so here I go! It’s about a young Prince named Ashitaka who one day fought a giant demon possessed boar that was going to attack his city. The demon wounded Ashitaka before it was killed, the village wisewoman tells him that he is now cursed and the best thing for him to do is to get out of the village and see if he can find a cure before it’s too late. So he embarks on a journey to go to the west and find the origins of the giant boar. On the road, he finds that there’s a few villages on war, trying to defend himself he finds that his wounded hand has super strength. Then he sees 3 wolves and a girl named San “the wolf girl” attacking a group of villagers. While helping 2 soldiers by taking them to their village Iron Town, he then finds out that there’s a war between the forest and Iron Town’s leader Lady Eboshi who wants the Forest Spirit’s head because it is said to grant immortality. So after a few confrontations were San tries to kill Eboshi and Ashitaka almost got killed in the process, the 2 of them join forces to protect the forest and bring peace once and for all.

Thoughts on the Movie: It’s fantastic! Still I haven’t found a Miyazaki movie that I didn’t like. The story is complex with great characters, the music is awesome the ending is great. Still, this is not my favorite Studio Ghibli favorite ( I got a tie between Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving castle) maybe because the story was kinda like Nausicaa (which I also like) I know they’re both different stories but, both have this war of protecting nature from humans who want to destroy it in any means possible, so that’s the only flaw I found in this movie, the rest is really enjoyable and it will keep you in the edge of your seat. Oh and there’s no flying sequence like a bunch of Miyazaki’s movies, which they’re always nice but it didn’t need it. Overall, the movie is just too awesome not to watch, the quality is amazing, the story is great and it’s just really fun to watch.

Will I recommend this movie?: oh yes! If you’re an animation fan like me, you just have to see it.

Thumbs up or down: up! [insert funny dialog here]

You know the drill, if you have any movie suggestion(s) just write them in the comment section or Tweet me (@Punkyval


PS- Woot! I still can’t believe TA choose me as the Awesome Blog of the Week, thank you guys and thanks to everyone who had sent me suggestions and comment on this silly experiment ^_^ 

2:13am May 13, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 24: Enter… Zombie King


Suggested by: Mogwaiclub (btw thank you for sending me the movie) & @kortren (not sure if it was you but you got the credit until I find who it was lol)

*Takes a deep breath* alright, after hours of having a small seizure and writers block, it’s time to write this… thing. The movie is about a group of “mexican” (?) luchadores who domesticate (not joking) a couple of zombies to use them for an act (meaning: zombie wrestlers) In the meantime, there’s a killing spree going on and it looks like zombies are to blame, so Ulysses, Mr X., Tiki, Blue Saint and Mercedes a group of luchadores will try to find who are the responsables for this killing spree. They find that the domesticated zombies are not to blame, so after some investigation they discovered a group of evil luchadores lead by the Zombie king (not a zombie, that’s just his nickname) who in some strange way (or maybe I blocked it out of my brain) are making normal people into zombies. So Ulysses and the rest of the team will try to stop them from his master plan of taking over… the World? 

Thoughts on the movie: First, I hate “lucha libre” or wrestling (that happens when in the 80s your mom lets you watch  El Santo’s movies while while she cooks) so that is a turn off,  still I try to enjoy this movie. But crazy dialogs like ” is it true that you have zombies? are they really dead?” makes it hard to comprehend. Also watching grown up men sleeping with those stupid masks like it’s the most normal thing in the world, just makes you wondered if they also take a shower with them on. Still with all the crazy stuff happening and close ups to pierced nipples, it wasn’t that bad (like Biker Zombies!) until the end, which just eye rape my eyes, and for the first time writing this experiment, I’m going to spoil you the end, because I need to take this out of my system!

(if you don’t wanna read it because you desperately wanna watch this movie, then skip this part) It ends with a party with all the luchadores and zombies having a good time breaking Piñatas and acting “wild and crazy” But that’s not the worst part, there’s one pin up girl wannabe that saw how the zombies killed her girlfriend and is sad because she missed her. So her now zombie girlfriend came to the door and they start making out… for 2 minutes! and then, The End. WTF was that?!?! I really wanted to take my eyes off and gave them to my dog. Do they even know that’s necrophilia?? Frak, that’s the worst movie ending i’ve seen! CRAP!

ok… now i feel better. Anyway, something positive about this movie, the way they presented every luchador with a comic strip drawing of them was kinda cool, i’ve seen it in a couple of movies, but still looks ok. Oh and did I tell you that this is a canadian movie with canadian actors trying to sound mexican saying spanish curse words like “pendejo”? Yeah that’s what I thought.

Will I recommend this movie?: No, and I don’t wanna see it again! 

Thumbs up or Down?: Down and don’t try to convince me to change my mind.

If you have any movie suggestion(s) (I need a break from bad movies so give me good suggestions), just write them in the comment section below, or just Tweet me (@Punkyval) 

See ya tomorrow!

Bonus! If you wanna know who el Santo is, here’s a compilation/tribute of some of his movies. Google him he has a bunch of movies and it’s a Mexican hero

12:37am May 12, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 23: Mega Man

movie poster

Suggested by: AlucardX

Yes, for those of you, like me, that didn’t know there was a Mega Man movie then yes. But don’t worries it came out a few days ago and it’s 100% fan-made. Here I go!

It’s basically the same story as the game, but for those of you who wanna know anyway then it’s about a Nobel prize winner Dr. Thomas Light who made a series of robots called “Robot Master Series DRN” (he won the nobel prize for them) and 2 androids. The female android is Roll and the male is Rock (get it? Rock and Roll… hahaha I didn’t expect that :P) Dr Light had a partner named Dr. Albert Willy who was very jealous of his success and decided to reprogram all his robots so he can take over the World (yeah yeah, you know what’s coming) So Rock volunteers to help Dr. Light to try to take his inventions back and stop Dr. Willy’s plans, thus becoming Mega Man. 

Thoughts on the movie: I think that if Hollywood tries to make this a box office movie, it will end up like Super Mario Bros. For a fan made movie the special effects are great, the robots look really cool. Not the greatest effect you’ve ever seen, but I can’t expect too much for a almost no budget. The story is the same as the videogames but more elaborate, but it’s the same thing. The acting was ok, Dr Light was like taking out of the game, he really looked like him. Dr. Willy was great too, the mustache look kinda weird but then I accepted it. Roll as kinda annoying and Mega Man needed a battery boost, he felt like he was bored. The movie was a little slow but it got its moments of coolness. It looked like they really work their ass off on this flick, so a bunch of kudos for that.

Will I recommend this movie?: If you’re a Mega Man fan, you have to watch it.

Thumbs up or Down?: really up. Also there’s blisters on my thumbs for playing too much Mega Man 9.

You can check the flick here and be the judge. :)

You know the drill, if you have any movie suggestion(s) just write them in the comment section or Tweet me (@Punkyval

See ya tomorrow! 


The Nostalgia Man! Gawd I Love this vid lol

12:38am May 11, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 22: Iron Man 2

boom goes the dynamite!

Suggested by: The Cosmos and all the media advertising this movie!

It’s Spoiler free and extra Vitamin C! :P

Just so you know, it’s being years since I read a comic and I don’t remember reading an Iron man one (Still I love superheroes), so don’t expect to read a Linkara Review. First, let me talk a little about the Plot. Tony Stark revealed to the World that he’s Iron Man and helps making everything in order, bringing peace on Earth (he’s the perfect beauty pageant!) But a senator wants the iron man suit to use for the military, Stark refused to do it because he’s the reason that there’s peace. Meanwhile in Russia, Ivan Vanko (Played by Mickey Rourke) is planning to attack Stark because his father died of poverty because Stark’s father (oookay…) Vanko failed, go to jail and then escape thanks to Justin Hammer a weapon manufacturer who’s jealous of Stark. Also Tony is dying because his arc reactor is poisoning him with palladium, so he’s in Lindsay Lohan mode while Pepper Potts works her ass off for Starks industries and Tony’s image. So that’s all I can say… 

Thoughts on the movie: It’s an action pack flick were Stark acted like a douche with a huge ego as always (which Robert Downey jr did an awesome job), Stan Lee with an outstanding cameo and Mickey Rourke as a cool villain who needed more cool things to do. It was fun and funny so enjoyable, still they were some things that were kinda bleh. Tony’s father was Walt Disney! and not only that, his dream city was a Epcot lookalike that even has a huge golf ball, what a lack of creativity. Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow was pretty cool, Sammuel Jackson as Nick Fury was great too, but Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer was just bad, that character was really awful. Also if you were waiting to see Whiplash kicking Iron man’s butt, then sorry to disappoint you but you will see him in action for like 10 minutes, the rest you’ll see him working and hacking computers. it was a good sequel but I still prefer the first one. 

Will I recommend this movie?: Yeah it was entertaining. oh and remember to stay till the end of credits to see something epic! 

Thumbs up or down?: they’re up alright 

You know what i’m going to say right now, write your movie suggestion(s) in the comment section, or tweet me (@Punkyval)

See ya tomorrow, you humans!

8:36pm May 9, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 21: Superbad

Suggested by: @Carlos_Amaya_

Let’s see what’s the big deal with this flick that I heard so much about. Here goes! It’s about 2 friends Seth (played by Johan Hill) and Evan (played by Michael Cera) who are graduating from high school in 2 weeks and going to different universities. So Seth’s crush invited him to a party and she needs alcohol, he says that he can bring them. He then go to find his friend Fogell (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who has a fake ID to buy all the licor they need. While buying it, the store got robbed, police arrived and Seth and Evan think that Fogell got busted so they go with some random guy that run over Seth by accident. Now they have to find a way to get to the party with the alcohol they promised and try to get laid. 

Thoughts on the movie: I thought it was going to be funnier, but still I laugh at how cheesy it is. First the script felt like it was written by a 15 yr old horny kid, after researching I was not that far from the truth. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen wrote the first draft when they were 13 and they finished it at 15, so that explains all the horniness and penis drawings, so this is the closest thing to be on a teens head as you can get. Michael Cera acted like Michael Cera (as always) but at least he got “angry” in one part so that was an improvement. The police officers were just dumbass stupid, I found Mintz-Plasse funnier than those 2. Maybe I’m trying to judge it too much, but in the end I enjoy it.

Will I recommend this movie?: Sure, if you haven’t seen it like a hundred times already!

Thumbs up or Down: I’m going to give it a fair thumbs up. Now if you excuse me, i’m going to draw some vaginas dancing like cheerleaders.

As always, if you have any movie suggestion(s) just write it in the comment section, of just tweet me (@Punkyval)

See ya later! 

3:10am May 6, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 20: The Peanut Butter Solution


Suggested by: @rafamejia

The things you found when you do research, more on that later. If you were as puzzled as I am about this movie, then here’s what the movie is about. This is a 1985 family film (well in some places it says that this is comedy/horror, but i’ll discuss that later) about a boy named Michael who one day his friend Connie, tells him about an old mansion that burned out. Michael gets dared to go inside, there he sees something that scares him so much that he fainted. The next day he woke up bald (not frigging kidding) supposedly it’s an illness named “the Fright” (ask your doctor about it, it’s a serious condition) were he just lose all his hair and he’s not getting it back. So he’s now übber depressed, he even try to use a wig but didn’t work. Until he met a couple of ghost who gave him a recipe that will help him grow his hair back (that’s where the peanut butter gets involved) what resulted in his hair to grow back, but now it won’t stop growing. between all this drama, his pedo-looking art teacher kidnaps him to use his hair for magical paint brushes, yes he goes there. 

Thoughts on the movie: Halfway thru this movie I notice some billboards in french, so I look it up and found out this is a canadian film. Also there’s 2 songs (really cool ones) that the voice sounded familiar, well it’s Celine Dion and it’s her first attempt of singing in english which I found them nice… ok now on the story. It’s a really weird story but I give them kudos for originality. You find out later what was the scary thing, but I really don’t find that scary (if you wanna know what it was, watch the movie or ask me) unless it’s something Beetlejuice-like then alright but don’t think so. I can’t find what’s funny about this movie, half of it is a kid being all depressed, crying because everyone laughs at him, maybe canadians find it funny but I don’t (will have to ask my canadian Luke Mochrie about that one) Overall, it’s more of a Family Horror movie, don’t know if that’s a genre, but I guess it does now.

Will I recommend this movie?: hmmm… not sure, maybe if your brain can resist it.

Thumbs up or down?: one thumb up, again for originality 

You know the drill, if you have movie suggestion(s) you write them on the comment section or just Tweet me! (@Punkyval)

See ya tomorrow! *eats peanut butter*

10:13pm May 4, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie experiment Day 19: The Losers


Suggested by: I don’t know, an alien? xD

I’ll try to do this review as spoiler free as possible, so relax there’s no mayor spoilers. Here goes nothing! It’s about 5 men part of an US Special Force team who are sent to a Bolivian jungle to search and destroy a terrorist base. Something went wrong so they have to pretend they’re dead, leaving his families behind. If they want to go home, they have to finish what they started by finding a man called Max and destroying all his plans to take over the World (I know M. Bison is hiding somewhere in your head saying”of Course!”) On the way, they meet a woman named Aisha (Played by Zoe Saldaña) who knew how to find Max and finish the Job.

Thoughts on the Movie: For a Action flick, I think it was too slow, too much dialogue and too predictable. It’s not a bad movie, but it’s not the best action movie out there. The main reason I went to see this it’s because some of my friends appeared as extras (only saw one of them xD) also 90% of the movie was shot in Puerto Rico so it was kinda fun seeing landmarks. Doing this I found a big fail that only if you were a puerto rican or a good researcher would notice. There was one part were they were on a big city in Bolivia on a mission (that’s all I would say) and you can see some buildings and one of them says WesternBank… a Puerto Rican bank and i’m pretty sure in Bolivia there’s no bank with that logo especially one that is now in bankrupt. Positive things about this movie, well it’s kinda funny in some parts and fun too, but it’s not a movie that i’ll watch twice. 

Will I recommend this movie?: Well yeah, but wait till it’s out on DVD/Bluray and rent it.

Thumbs up or down?: just one thumb up for the flick and one thumb up for Chris Evans for looking hot as a geek :D

As always, if you have any Movie(s) suggestion, write them in the comment section or just Tweet me (@Punkyval)

see ya tomorrow! 

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