10:40pm February 24, 2013
I wanna thank my Chef Boyardee chef, he knows how to heat canned spagetti… 

I wanna thank my Chef Boyardee chef, he knows how to heat canned spagetti… 

11:55pm February 16, 2013

Here’s a “short” intro I made for the Movie Experiment series for NerdVice. I think I talk too much crap.

9:18pm February 8, 2013
A very Cheesy Pizza 

A very Cheesy Pizza 

5:12am December 17, 2012

 meet the blogger

    • Do you usually sleep with your closet door open or closed? Closed, my closet is a mess and most of the time is closed
    • Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? If I like how it smells then yeah, if I don’t like it, I take it anyway and give it to someone who does xD
    • Where is your next vacation? MAGFest in Maryland :D 
    • Who do you think reads these? Bored people, stalkers and maybe some friends
    • Do you have a calendar in your room? Someone gave me one with puppies a few weeks ago but haven’t even opened it, but since it says “in your room” then yeah, it’s in my room xD
    • What’s your plan for the day? Try to wake up in a couple of hours, get ready, go to my friend’s work and then go with her to an adventure that ends in a Mary Kay meeting at the office xD
    • Are you reading any books right now? Nope but planning to charge my kindle and read a couple of books that I downloaded.
    • Do you ever count your steps when you walk? no, i walk too fast to count steps
    • Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing? I shouldn’t be saying this but when no one’s looking and i’m pretty hyper I tend to dance like a monkey
    • Do you chew your pens and pencils? eek no
    • What is your “Song of the Week”? "Taking the Hobbits to Isengard" Been stuck in my head for weeks now. Not mad at all but i’m tired lol
    • Is it okay for guys to wear pink? why not? If they like it then they should wear it
    • Do you still watch cartoons? hahahahahaha yes
    • Whats your favorite love movie? hmm… If Wall-e counts as a love movie then yeah that one, if not then i’ll have to think about it
    • What do you drink with dinner? some juice or cold green tea
    • What do you dip Chicken Nuggets in? honey mustard 
    • What is your favorite food/cuisine? Italian, japanese, chinese and Puerto Rican (well DUH!)  
    • What movies could you watch over and over and still love? Christmas movies like Elf! Or animations like Alice in Wonderland, Studio Ghibli flicks, Pixar, etc…
    • When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paperlike a week ago for my mom :)
    • Can you change the oil on a car? no, but I can change a tire like a BOSS!
    • Best thing to eat for breakfast? something with cheese xD
    • What is your usual bedtime? I don’t know what that is… 
    • Are you lazy? Hahahahahahahahaha yep!
    • Afraid of heights? it’s weird but for some things I am not afraid, like being on a plane, but with stuff like being on a ladder, on top of a house or being in very tall buildings (like the Eiffel Tower were I had a panic moment while in the elevator) i’m terrified. 
    • Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? Since my brother wanted to be a doctor then I also wanted that, then it was a computer programming until I learned that I needed to take lots of Math classes and also being an actress or singer. 
    • Hot tea or cold tea: Cold! For some reason Hot tea makes me sick >_< Gimme a mug with ice cold green tea with honey and lemon and i’m one happy human
    • Tea or coffee? if we’re talking about hot drinks then Coffee 
    • Favorite kind of cookie? white chocolate and macadamia 
    • Can you swim well? This is very ironic since I live on a friggin’ tropical island, but I suck at swimming! I can really say that I can’t swim since I never go deeper than 5 feet. My swimming skills are very close to a dyslexic dog trying to swim.  
    • Can you hold your breath w/o manually holding your nose? yeah but I don’t like it. Always ended up with water coming in my nose >_<
    • Who do you want to see right now? my internet friends and hug them. It’ll also be nice to see Tom Hiddleston and give him a big hug, then sit down with him to have a deep conversation about horses.
2:45am September 23, 2012

Singing along with Furbys. Not as fun as you imagined. At least the song is awesome.

5:21pm August 31, 2012
Was in the mood for drawing. She kinda looks like a female version of Jark Harkness #art #crap #drawing #random (Taken with Instagram)

Was in the mood for drawing. She kinda looks like a female version of Jark Harkness #art #crap #drawing #random (Taken with Instagram)

12:36am July 9, 2011

If someone wants a Google+ invite just send me a message with your email.

If you don’t want a invite, then SCREW YOU! and you can still send me a message or a question or something xD

That is all

1:33pm May 18, 2011
The sky before an emo cloud came and stared crying

The sky before an emo cloud came and stared crying

11:36am May 18, 2011

A behind the scenes from that pic from my backyard. as you can see this is my first time doing a video from my new phone, so just tilt your head to enjoy

8:01pm April 29, 2011

K, no more editing of my blog… Now let’s start the Party!

3:12am April 27, 2011

Do NOT drink anything while watching Improv-a-Ganza. My laptop was sprayed with green Tea xD

And I almost choke to death. It was great i’m telling ya.

1:33am April 26, 2011

Thoughts that materialize in my head at 12:55am

I believe in Karma, but i’m worried that when karma strikes that person who has done so much damage to so many people, it will also affect in a bad way those who were harmed. Also, hate is such a strong and awful feeling that even if one tries to always keep everything at peace, it’s so difficult to get it out of your head when there’s someone hurting so many people that you care and love. And what makes it more frustrating is that you don’t know what to do without making things worse, all you can do is think what would do less damage or just wait and let karma do its work. Now I just need to breathe and try to find a way to help those who are being hurt and put a little bit of positive in all the negative. 

And the deep thoughts stopped when I see a big cockroach going inside my house and coming towards me. Excuse me while I eeeek and run to my room.

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