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quick doodle of Gunter from adventure time. She’s my favorite <3 <3 #adventuretime #doodle #cartoon #penguin #bottle #love #drawing #art #lol

quick doodle of Gunter from adventure time. She’s my favorite <3 <3 #adventuretime #doodle #cartoon #penguin #bottle #love #drawing #art #lol

10:15am August 10, 2011

The House from “Up” - Exact Replica Built in Utah


Earlier this year, we were amazed that a real life UP house with balloons actually flew somewhere in Los Angeles, re-creating the scene from Pixar’s Up. Now try walking into one.

That’s right, folks, an exact replica of the Up house has been created in Herriman, Utah. Tours of the house started on Friday, July 29, 2011 and go through August 14, 2011, which is part of the 65th annual Salt Lake Parade of Homes.

“It’s a magical house,” said Adam Bangerter. “The movie speaks to people in so many different aspects of their lives.”
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After getting permission first from Disney and Pixar, Bangerter Homes set out to make a future homeowner looking to settle down in Utah happy and decided to build an exact replica of the house portrayed in UP. Everything in the house is based from the movie: The trim, colors, fireplace, bathroom, nursery, garden hose and weather vane at the top of the house. Even the mailbox with Carl and Ellie’s names are on it complete with handprints. After the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, the house will be sold for $400,000.

“The movie kind of captured the idea that a house is a place where you live and you grow up and you live your life,” builder Blair Bangerter says. “We’ve tried to take this movie and bring it to life in a real home.”
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