12:21am February 23, 2014

 Punky's Movie Experiment #53: The Imposter

My new episode is up! And this documentary is so surreal I don’t know what’s right anymore. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment with your movie suggestion!

12:33am December 14, 2013

 Punky's Movie Experiment #52- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

It’s Spoiler free so you can go ahead and read it!

9:21pm October 10, 2013

 Punky's Movie Experiment "Quickie" Video: Gravity

I went on a mission… of learn how to say Matt Kowalski without looking at the paper. 

3:48pm October 5, 2013

 Punky's Movie Experiment #50: Runner Runner

On my 50th review, I put all the chips in the table an review this piece of cinema. 

Chips in… get it?! 

8:18pm August 22, 2013

 Be Natural: The untold story of Alice Guy-Blaché.


There’s only 4 days left and $94k till the goal! As a Film history lover her story touches me and it’s so sad that most people don’t know who Alice was. This documentary will spread the story of this brilliant woman who revolutionized film as we know it in an era were the industry was for men. Please spread the word and let’s make this happen! 

9:56am July 18, 2013

 Punky's Movie Experiment Vlog: Pacific Rim (Spoiler Free)

Completely forgot to post this here. Let me know which one do you prefer better; Video format or writing?

4:39pm June 1, 2013

My interview with Harley’s Joker! <3

3:49pm May 2, 2013

 Punky's Movie Experiment Vintage- The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea

Completely forgot to post this. Hope you all enjoy!

2:55pm February 21, 2013

 Punky's Movie Experiment #49: The Adventures of Thunderstorm: Return of Thor

Oh man, this movie was one piece of cinema I may or may not forget. xD Hope you enjoy and please comment with more suggestions! :D 

Title card

9:24pm February 9, 2013

 Punky's Movie Experiment #48: Run Fatboy Run

As a bonus for my tumblr followers, here’s a drawing I made for the title card. 

title card

8:55pm February 4, 2013

 Here's my quickie review of Warm Bodies *Spoiler Free*

Number 47!… holy crap i’m almost on 50 reviews! :O

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