10:40pm April 17, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 45: SuperSize me

Suggested by: @Zenithwillrule 

I got a 6 piece Chicken McNuggets in my fridge right now so I watched this movie (for the second time) to see if I should eat them (nah, I just wanna make this review interesting, but the nuggets in my fridge part is real lol) For those who doesn’t know about this documentary, it’s about a healthy guy who decided to do a 30 day challenge were all he would eat is McDonald’s meals and if the cashier ask to supersize it, he will say yes every single time. along the way, he do some research of all the damage the fast food empire do in America. From kids being really overweight and parents suing McDonalds saying they are to blame, to how much sugar and crap are in their food. And if you wanna know, yeah the guy got really bad at the end of the challenge, from being depressed, addicted, losing his sex drive, damaging his liver and pretty much sending his great health to the dumpster.

Thoughts of the movie: When you talk about this movie to someone who hasn’t seen it, their reaction is almost the same “you know that fast food is bad for you and I don’t need a doc to tell me that” The thing is, I don’t think people know the depth this doc goes. Yeah what he did was dumb as heck, but it has a purpose. The first time I watched this, I couldn’t eat fast food for months, and now watching it again makes me wanna do it again, because it’s really nasty what junk food can do to you over time (not that i eat too much on fast foods, pinky swear) It’s a really interesting and entertaining film, it’s not my favorite documentary but it actually change the way you look at fast food chains: Everything is about the money, not your health so you have take care of yourself because none of them are going to do it for you, even if they sell “healthy foods” (which are really not) Anyway, there’s some stuff that I couldn’t look (like a bypass surgery) but in general, it’s fast paced and you won’t get bored.

Would I recommend this movie?: Yeah, especially to junk food fans. Believe me, you won’t look at a fruit parfait the same way ever again (except AnthonyR’s leg named Parfait, I still look at it the same way lol)

Thumbs up or Down: Up! *throw the chicken McNuggets to the trash*

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See ya later!

PS- I’m gonna be out of my house for a few days so I don’t think i’ll have time to watch movies so no movie experiment for a couple of days… Unless a miracle happens and I get the internet that I need to write this babies :P

4:34pm April 16, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 44: The Little Panda Fighter

Suggested by: @Jozterra

This is going to be a really short review since I got distracted by an ant that was crawling on my laptop… Oh yeah the movie! Umm it’s about a Panda named Pancada that works on a Bar/Boxing restaurant(?) who hates fighting and dreams on becoming a ballet dancer. His boss is a Polar bear (and a former fighter) who one day came up with the idea of fighting the champion, so he disguised as a panda and now everyone thinks is Pancada. On the other hand, Pancada was training for a play and because of the whole boxing/fighting/wrestling thing, his chances of making it big are in danger.

Thoughts on the movie: It’s 100% crap! It’s a 50 minutes movie that felt like  3 hours of how awful it is. The company who made it is famous for ripping off Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks movies and even if they try a little bit more to not look like a bad copy paste, you know this is a Kung-fu Panda Ripp-off. The animation looks as if they made it with Xtranormal movie maker and still, the movies made in that site are 10 times better that this! There’s a Boo Boo like bear that has a huge booger for crying out loud! The music is just 2 tracks played over and over and they’re not even good. It’s boring, confusing and just bad for your brain. (I think my brain stopped working while watching it)

Would I recommend this?: NO! That’s 50 minutes i’ll never get back and I did it for the sake of everyone so do NOT watch this!

Thumbs up or Down?: What do you think? 

Have movie suggestions for me that are NOT from the makers of Little Panda Fighter? then write them in the comments section below of tweet them to me @Punkyval


8:27pm April 15, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 43: Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter

holy movie poster

Suggested by: @hopewithinchaos @Nash076 @Obscurus_Lupa and @GLKnight83

*Warning* If you’re a religious fanatic or worse, a religious homophobe who gets offended easily by things who mocks your beliefs then I suggest to skip this episode. The rest of you, follow me…

Holy week is just around the corner so the best way to celebrate it is to watch a movie were Jesus kicks ass! The film title says it all (well, kinda all) so i’m just going to elaborate a little bit. It’s about this gang of vampires who likes to kill lesbians because they say “they’re deviants. No one will miss them”, plus they make pretty good vampires I guess. Also they can hang out during the day because some crazy scientist who created a synthetic skin. Now Jesus Christ comes back to defend the lesbians from them. He meets a woman named Mary Magnum who helps him get a makeover and kill some vamps. Later on, the mexican legend El Santo (  « this guy) also joins forces with Jesus and grabbed his wife’s ass (well, everyone grabs her ass for some reason…) The rest is just an action pack film with lots of fighting scenes. Also, God made a cameo as a Ice cream Sundae with cherries and Virgin Mary as a nightlight of herself. I wish I was making this up lol.

Thoughts of the movie: Gonna start with the bad things first: Bad special effects, fighting scenes that are way too long, the acting is meh, the story is stupid and I don’t think they knew if they wanted to make a musical or just an action/comedy film. Now the good things: Everything else. I really thought I was going to hate this movie because it kinda looked like “Enter… Zombie King” which it’s one of the worst movies i’ve seen. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it just because the movie itself doesn’t take too seriously and knows that it’s cheap and goofy. This is a 2001 film that has the quality of a 60s flick with cheap music, yellow-ish quality and bad dubbing, but all set in present day which I found that pretty hilarious. What really caught me off guard is that even with all the craziness and comedy, it has a really good message about loving everyone no matter their preferences or race and that no matter if you made bad decisions, you will be forgiven. (and if you’re a God believer, then God loves and respect you even if you’re gay, lesbian, Bieber fan, etc). It’s not a perfect movie but it’s even more fun than watching The Room in my opinion.

Would I recommend this movie?: Oh yes! No matter what are your beliefs, if you’re open minded and love comedies, you will enjoy it a lot.

Thumbs up or down?: Jesus being awesome? Oh yeah, Thumbs Up! :D

I command you to send me movie suggestions by writing them in the comment section or tweet them to me @punkyval


10:07pm April 14, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 42: Porco Rosso

Suggested by: @seijindinger

I’m a big fan of Studio Ghibli, but I haven’t seen a couple of their movies and this one was one of them. Will Miyazaki impressed me as always? But first, a short summary! The film is set in 1920s Italy, our main character is pig named Marco, better known as Porco Rosso (Red pig in italian) he was a former ace pilot for the italian army but something happened and he was transformed into a pig (it’s not explained why or how it happened but i can guess it was a random witch or something) So he became a Bounty Hunter, saving people from really dumb pirates with planes. One day some american pilot named Curtis arrived at a sea pilot club owned by Marco’s friend named Gina (who’s secretly in love with him) and negotiated a contract with a gang of pirates. Next day Porco is taken down by Curtis while trying to get to Milan to fix his plane. That’s were he meets a 17yr old girl aircraft engineer named Fio, who helps him fix his plane so he can come back and kick some ass. (ok that last part was a little exaggerated but it sounds badass!) 

Thoughts on the movie: It’s a feel good cute film that I would watch when i’m sick or in the mood for something to chill out. It feels like a Ghibli movie but it’s different, all because the main character is a guy something that you don’t see too much on their films. Of course you have your flying scene, that’s always a must. There’s some things about the story that felt a little incomplete, like how did he become a pig but even if I wanna know, i’m glad they didn’t talked too much on it and focus in what was happening. It makes Marco more mysterious that he really is. The animation is great and am I the only one that thought the schoolgirls were kinda the inspiration for Ponyo’s characteristics? 


… ok maybe it’s just me. Anyway, this is a really fun film that is not as popular as other Studio Ghibli films but i’m pretty sure everyone will enjoyed it as I did ^_^

Would I recommend this movie?: Of course! it has a pig that flies! Get it? :D

Thumbs up or down?: Up with a side of spaghetti on the side ^_^

You know what i’m going to say now… Leave your movie suggestion(s) in the comment section or tweet them to me! @punkyval I need moar!

Till tomorrow! 

8:41pm April 13, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 41: A Serious Man

movie poster

Suggested by: Walking to Mordor

Another day and another movie to watch and review, so here goes nothing! The film starts in the early 20th century with a man telling his wife that he invited a man for soup, the wife tells him that the man he invited died 3 years ago, of course the “dead” man arrived, the woman stabbed him and he just walked off to the snowy night. Now it’s the 60s and that’s were our story really begins! Our main character Larry, is a Professor in psychics whose life turns upside down when his wife tells him that she wants a “get” (a jewish spiritual divorce) because she doesn’t love him anymore and she wants to marry a guy named Sy. After that everything goes downhill, from having a korean student leaving him a envelope full of cash so that he can change is grade and then having his father threaten to sue him for defamation, to having to pay all the fees to Sy funeral (yeah, the guy who wanted to marry his wife!). Larry even gets kick out of his own house and ended up living in a motel with his brother named Arthur who was working on some theories that will change everything and also loves to gamble which gets him into trouble and the poor Larry has to pay the price. While all of this is happening, Larry turns to his Jewish faith to try to find a way out of all his bad luck. Oh yeah I forgot to talk about his 2 kids! There’s Danny who owns $20 to a bully/classmate for selling him marihuana and it’s getting ready for his Bar mitzvah, and Sarah, who’s always doing her hair and fighting with her uncle and brother.

Thoughts on the movie: I’m lost of words on this one. What a funny and dark movie! The characters are so good that you just want to punch some of them to try to help Larry. And just when you think things are going to get better for Larry, they get worse, REALLY worse. There’s only a couple of movies that can leave me wanting to see what happens next (even if you know what’s going to happen) and this one left me saying out loud “OMG NOO!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ENDED IT THERE!” (for realz!) You would think that a movie were everything bad happens to the main character would be depressing and in a way it is, but it’s so well executed that you don’t realized that if something like that happens to you, you would jump off a bridge. The bar Mitzvah scene is hilarious, and the funny thing is that I really wanted for something really bad to happened but because it didn’t is way awesome (now re-reading this, and wow i’m really evil for saying that! lol) This is an astounding great film in any way.

Will I recommend this movie?: Even if you don’t like dark comedies, you have to see it, you will enjoy it. 

Thumbs up or down?: Good news: they’re up and if Larry really existed, I would also adopted him and give him a big hug! xD

Hey guys, I need MOAR movies, 300+ suggestions is not enough! so write them in the comments or Tweet them to me!

Peace and love everyone! ^_^

7:44pm April 12, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 40: Dogtooth

movie poster

Suggested by: No one. It was a European film festival and that was the movie at the moment. So in a way, the festival organizers chose the movie for me.

I’m a movie lover and I feel ashamed that I didn’t know about this movie since it was nominated for Best foreign film at this year’s Oscars and won Prix Un Certain Regard at Cannes, but let’s talk about the movie! It’s about a husband and wife who have a son and 2 daughters imprisoned in their house until they’re old enough or when they lose one of their Dogtooth. So they live in their own planet were the word “Zombie” means “a yellow flower” and kitties are man eating beasts… and that’s just 2 examples of all the things their parents teach their kids. Also they have this kind of competition were the winner gets stickers and at the end of the day, the one with most stickers gets to chose the activity for the evening (like watching their home videos). The only person that is not part of the family that goes inside the house is Christina a security guard that works in the husband’s workplace. But the only way to visit the household is if the husband blindfolded her (yeah the man is really charming) and the reason for her visits? The husband pays her to have sex with his son (father of the year!)

The other thing that I should mention is that Christina like to trade things with the older daughter (like a shiny headband) for oral sex (great deal don’t you think?) And in one of those exchanges, the older daughter requested some movies Christina had in her bag which she watch and I can’t say anything else because, you know, Spoilers! All I can say is that the movies Rocky and Flash Dance can change lives.

And before you ask why i’m not putting the names of the other characters, it’s because they don’t have names, don’t know if the writers forgot, if they’re really lazy or simply they thought it was irrelevant. 

Thoughts on the movie: This is one of those movies that you need at least a day to try to get it straight in my head and that’s what I did… and i’m not sure what I think of it. It’s supposed to be a drama, a really dark and twisted one, but I also think it was a comedy. Maybe in Greece seeing a grown woman asking for something in exchange of licking your shoulder is a serious issue (yeah that really happened!) but for me it was a WTF that I had to laugh. There’s some really twisted scenes that not all people would tolerate, for example an incest scene or the killing of a cute kitty. The only reasons that i find why this movie was so praised by critics and won at Cannes it’s because of the techniques used for shooting the whole thing which were really simplistic but it really worked. Also the story really brake some boundaries and really doesn’t cared if it’s too disturbing for people to handle. The dialogs are really weak and kinda confusing at first so to understand what’s really happening, you have to follow the visuals. There’s no soundtrack and almost no background music which can make it a little boring and emotionless, in fact, when you get out of the movie the only thing you wanna do to shake all that monotone feeling is scream and play some loud music until your ears bleed. Depending of how I look at the film, I can either hated it or kinda love it. If I look at it with the entertaining factor then the movie is too dull for my taste, but the technical and artsy (kinda hipster) side of me says it was good if not great.

Will I recommend this movie?: This is not for everyone. I would recommend it if you’re in art/film school and into artsy/European/almost hipster films. But if you’re into faster and “americanized” dramas then no.

Thumbs up or Down: I can’t give it any thumbs since i’m scare some grown woman appears and try to lick my thumbs. But i’ll give it a couple of stickers for a job well done.


Yaaay Unicorn Stickers!!

Now you have the mission to suggest movie(s) for me to watch! Just write them in the comment section below or Tweet them to me!

Sayonara! ^_^

7:07pm April 11, 2011

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 39: Tokyo Godfathers

Oh Hai… i’m back ^_^

movie poster

Suggested by: JessicaRaineTheInsane

When I saw this request almost a year ago I thought this was the Japanese version of the Godfather. Oh boy was I wrong! Then I read the plot of the movie… 

Christmas in Tokyo, Japan. Three homeless friends: a young girl, a transvestite, and a middle-aged bum. 

That was all I needed to say “This is THE movie”. To elaborate, is about 3 bums, Miyuki- a runaway girl, Gin- a middle aged alcoholic man and Hana- a transvestite who wants to be a mom. They found a baby in the trash and decided to look for the baby’s mom. By doing so, they get into all kinds of situations, from going to a wedding were the groom gets shot by a immigrant that kidnaps Miyuki, to Gin getting badly beaten by a gang. Did I mentioned this is a comedy too?  In the end, something really unexpected happened but I won’t say because this is spoiler free :P Oh yeah, did I mention this is a Satoshi Kon movie? If you don’t know who he is then you need to start googling him because he was a genius.

Thoughts of the movie: This movie has the heart of a million or more bums worldwide. Is a very unusual Christmas story because there’s not too many movies (that I know of) were the main characters are homeless people. The background stories of the main characters are sad and heartwarming so this is not just another christmas comedy, in fact there’s more drama than comedy here. The twist ending caught me off guard and it showed you how great the main characters were. If you haven’t guessed it yet, what hold this movie and makes you wanna keep watching are the main characters, they’re so interesting. My favorite was Hana just because of her dream of becoming a mother when she really didn’t have any idea how to be one, but still, her passion to try to help the baby in any way she could makes her one amazing character. There was something about this film that even if it was fun to watch, it didn’t capture my attention that much. Maybe because it was a little slow sometimes or because in my mind I thought this was a laugh out loud comedy (I found it more sadder than funny) In the end it was good, great story with awesome characters that will really grab your attention and a really awesome ending.

Will I recommend this movie?: Oh yes. If you’re an Satoshi Kon and/or anime fan you gotta see it.

Thumbs up or Down?: thumbs up! *gives change to Chester*


 You can still send me movie(s) suggestions by commenting here of tweeting me @Punkyval. (I missed typing that lol)

See ya next year!… nah! :D

4:20pm July 1, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 38: Disney Nature’s Oceans Ocean

movie poster

Suggested by: @Rafymediavilla and my internal planeteer 

This is a really different movie from what I always do so this one is going to be kinda short. There’s not much to talk about the plot, it’s a french documentary about Earth’s 5 oceans and the need to show respect to all marine creatures showing how they defend, interact with other species and fight for survival. It took 4 years in the making, filming in over 50 places. 

Thoughts on the movie: It was beautiful. You can say that there’s a bunch of documentaries about oceans, but this one is like a beautiful piece of art and Pierce Brosnan is the narrator. (he’s no Morgan Freeman, but he was awesome) It makes you see everything in a new perspective and it even shows you what some humans can do to destroy it (which is the sad part of the story) Don’t know about you but I felt the urge to do something as soon as I go out of the movie, still thinking but I know i’ll find something to help take care of the environment. This is an awesome movie to relax and see all the beauty that you might thought never existed. Also, I know this movie came out on Earth Day, but it premiered last week here *wah wah* 

Will I recommend this movie?: Definitely, also I don’t know if you can still catch it, but if you can get the opportunity to watch it on Imax, i’m pretty sure it’s amazing! 

Thumbs up or down?: Thumbs Up with dolphins jumping epic-y! :D

If you have any movie suggestion(s) just write them in the comment section or tweet me (@punkyval)

See ya peeps! ^_^

9:14pm June 28, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 37: The Pineapple Express

movie poster

Suggested by: Anthony Ragusa and AceAwes0me

i’m ready, let’s do this! The movie is about Dale Benton (played by Seth Rogen), a process server who loves to get high (a lot!). One day, he goes to visit his drug dealer Saul (Played by James Franco) and he sells him a rare strain marijuana called the pineapple express. That night Dale goes to serve a Drug lord Called Ted Jones (played by Gary Cole) and witnessed a murder by Jones and a police woman. He flies the scene but leaves a roach with pineapple express which Saul is the only one in the city who sells it. So now Jones and the police woman are after Dale and Saul to kill them, thinking they’re working for a rival Asian drug gang. So 2 completely high guys are trying to escape a gang of drug dealers… awesome isn’t it?

Thought on the movie: It felt like a mix of Cheech and Chong meets the Blues Brothers. I LOLed not so much at the stunts, but at them (Dale and Saul) which make a great comedy duo and they really looked high. For a movie that I thought was going to be bad, it turn out to be really entertaining and well done. Also the music is good, nothing special but it gives a cool touch to the music. I guess if you were high the movie have to be 10 times funnier but I don’t wanna find out. In the end the message of this flick is if you are high don’t go running around witnessing murders, ok? :P 

Will i recommend this movie?: Yep, it’s a good movie to watch with your friends and have fun

Thumbs up or down?: I say a fair thumbs up, now brb, gonna eat some brownies… noo it’s not what you think it is, just plain old Brownies

You know what to do, so, just do it, movie suggestions nao! :P


10:26pm June 23, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 36- Killers

movie poster

Suggested by:  BFF told me I have 2 options, this one or Sex and the City 2. 

Heard of this movie but until now I didn’t know what it was about, so let’s get started. Jen (Played by Katherine Heigl) travel with her parents to Nice, France after she broke up with her boyfriend. On her way to her room, she meets Spencer (Played by Ashton Kutcher) and fell in love and what it looks like a really short time, they get married. What she doesn’t know is that Spencer was a “Bla Bla Agent” ( So secret that they never say) who kill “bad people”  for living. Now after 3 years of being married and quitting being a killer, his ex boss come looking for him to give him a mission which Spencer refused and thus becoming the target for a bunch of killers (who can be anyone). Now he have to not only try to survive but also protect his wife from everyone, and when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE!

Thoughts on the movie: The concept was kinda cool, never thought I was going to see Ashton as a hero/killer (which surprisingly he did a good job), Heigl was ok I guess, but what impressed me the most was Tom Selleck and his Epic mustache (ok i’m exaggerating a little bit, but it’s really a cool tache) But there’s something in the movie that it just didn’t made it for me. After hours of thinking what it was I came to the conclusion that it was just bad writing. The ending of the movie didn’t made sense, it was as if they didn’t knew what else to do or how to end it so they throw the stupidest ending they could find. I’ve never seen a movie that made me think if in at some moment I fell asleep and woke up at the credits, but no it just bad scripting. The movie was really fun and entertaining but a little predictable and really weak ending. 

Will I recommend this movie?: hmm… maybe but wait until it’s on dvd and rent it.

Thumbs up or down?:   1 thumb up, but 1 thumb and a pinky up for Ashton’s abs and 100 thumbs up for Tom Selleck’s Mustache and a sandwich as a bonus! hmmm... a Tom Selleck Sandwich

If you have any movie suggestion(s), write it in the comment section, or tweet me (@Punkyval)

BRB! *wink*

11:39pm June 20, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 35: Toy Story 3 (Spoiler Free)

movie poster

Suggested by: My childhood

This is one of my most anticipated movies this year, in fact, i’ve been waiting for it for a looong time. First let’s talk about the plot (which it’s going to be short and spoiler free) It’s set a few years after the second movie, Andy is now 17 and getting ready to go to college. While labeling his stuff, his mom mistakenly took the toys and throw them away, making some funny scenes that i’m not explaining for the sake of not spoiling. The thing is that all the toys ended up in a child day care were they meet other toys like Ken, a baby doll and a Lots-o-hugging bear who is the boss. After Woody escapes to go with Andy, the other toys experience and awful treatment from the little kids and the other toys. So now they have to get out of the daycare before they ended up in a trash bin and find a way back to Andy’s home.

Thoughts on the movie: This was an awesome way to end up a great series! It was funny, dark, emotional as heck and so entertaining at the same time. There’s no way not to laugh and being nostalgic, especially with old toys. For instance there’s a fisher price telephone toy that I still remember as one of my favorite toys when I was a kid (I feel old) Also, the short film at the beginning (Day and Night) was just pure win, so beautiful and creative as always. Toy Story is now one of my favorite trilogies of all time, it can make you feel like a kid all over again and how much you loved and care for your toys. Just thinking about it makes me teary (oh yes, there’s a really high probability that you will cry or at least make you all teary) Overall, you will enjoy it no matter your age and i’m pretty sure it will become an ageless classic. 

Will I recommend this movie?: If you read my review, you know I would say yes! Go and watch it ( Didn’t watched it on 3D but they told me it was ok but nothing out of this world, but i’m pretty sure the beginning had to be super fun to watch on 3D)

Thumbs up or Down?: They’re up! Pixar has done it again!

If you have any movie suggestion(s) just write them in the comment section below, or just tweet them! (@Punkyval)

see ya!

6:46pm June 12, 2010

Punky’s Daily Movie Experiment- Day 34: Grease 2

movie poster

Suggested by: @Obscurus_Lupa (“Why deed you do dis too meee!”)

I’m gonna start this fast since it took me so long to watch this, so here it goes. It’s all set 2 years after the first movie, Sandy’s cousin Michael is now attending Rydell High were the T birds and the Pink Ladies had new leaders Johnny (played by Adrian Zmed) and Stephanie (played by Michelle Pfeiffer). Michael has a crush on Stephanie but because he’s not a T Bird she ignores him. So he decides to chance his clean cut persona and get a motorcycle and see if he can get accepted. Now there’s a Mysterious biker (well it’s not a mystery to us the viewers, it’s none other than Michael and his british accent) running around and now Stephanie has a crush on him, just because he has a Bike (take note guys, if you have a bike you will definitely get the girls) You will get your wtf musical numbers as always, and I think that’s it. 

Thoughts on the Movie: I died a little inside watching this. The beginning it’s awful and long, and if you were waiting for a cool animation like in the first one then bad luck because you’ll get a stupid music number that last 7 minutes, at that point I was already cursing Lupa for suggesting this (Still I admire her, so no hate). And speaking of music numbers, they are horrendous with titles like “Score tonight” (not that kind of score, it’s about bowling) “Cool Rider” (were Stephanie wants to Ride with a guy with a cool bike), “Do it for your country” (were one of the T birds trick a Pink Lady by saying that the Germans are attacking so they need to have sex… for their country, and Disney. Not Kidding) and then we have this masterpiece call “Reproduction”:

Beautiful song, right? Not only are the song stupid, the story is just dull and boring. Also we have a couple of returning characters like the principal, Eugene (the Geek from the first one) and Frenchy, but they’re not even part of the plot they’re just there in some scenes and that’s it. This should have been more interesting and fun if the main character was Frenchy (which is one of my favorite characters from the first one) in this one she only appears to give advice to Michael. Right now i’m not even sure why she’s there, if it’s been 2 years after the first movie so she already graduated, she even say that Stephanie is her best friend but you never see them together! I can stay here for hours writing about the things that pissed me off about this movie, and Grease is not even my favorite musical. The first one was kinda stupid too but what made it so cool were the songs, here the songs are just as stupid as asking a girl to have sex in the name of the statue of Liberty. 

Will I recommend this movie?: Not even if you were the most annoying person in the World, I suffer this to save everyone’s soul.

Thumbs up or down?: Down until you get to the center of Earth

Just write your movie suggestion (s) in the comment section or tweet them to me (@Punkyval)


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